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Interior 3D design steps

Step Zero - Pick the Package

We believe that our Single project Package would be a great start before you get subscribed .after that, if you need shorter delivery time and also lowering your cost, we recommend the Monthly ON-CALL package for you. Go to Pricing page for more detailed package comparison. Once you completed the purchase, the design manager assigned to your project will contact you and walk you through the design process.

Step One - Show us your room

In this step, you need to send us a few photos from the room you would like to remodel. The goal for this step is to provide our 3D modeling team with adequate information in order for them to be able to create a realistic model of the room. The design manager will let you know what we are looking for and which elements you need to capture in the photos.

online interior design website
online interior design website

Step Two - Customer expectations discovery

We know you have been thinking and dreaming a lot about this upcoming remodel project lately. Our mission in this step is to discover what exactly you have in mind for the room. We also need to know which items you want to keep, and which ones need to be replaced. In order to achieve this, after receiving the room photos, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. The more information you provide in this form, the easier and faster the design process would be. We also need to know about your taste and favorite architectural styles, as part of this process, our team will reach out to you and share a number of hand picked photos with different styles from our interior design database and ask you to let them know your thoughts regarding those photos and the architectural elements you liked/disliked on those photos.

Step Three - Initial Design

Upon completion of step two, the design manager will work with our design team and based on the information we are provided with, will complete the initial design process. Once the initial design is ready, it will be sent to you for your first round of feedbacks.

online interior design modeling

Step Four - Final 3D Design

We do not throw the design over the fence and be done with it. This is not how we do business in Remodelbot. We want to make sure we achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Even though the process is designed in a way that captures the most of what you have in mind prior to start of the design, it might still miss a couple of details here and there. Not only that, you may want to checkout to see how an alternate color, texture or material go with the new design of the room. So you have the opportunity to have our team revise their initial design a couple of times before finalizing it. Up to 3 revisions are on us at no charge to our customers.

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