Which rooms can I design with with Remodelbot ?

You can design all interior spaces including but not limited to your living room, bathrooms, kitchens, closets, dining room, open living/dining space, entryway, bedroom (kids, master, or guest), home office, or nursery. We also accept commercial office spaces.

How long it takes until I get my designs back?

Our design delivery time ranges from 5 to 10 days. Once you submit your project, your designer will reach out with an exact delivery date for your initial design.

How will I communicate with my designer?

This depends on the package you choose. With our Premium package, you'll have a kick-off call with your designer to review your needs as well as unlimited email and text follow-up communications to share feedbacks and make changes to your designs.

With our Standard design package, unfortunately phone calls are not offered at this time and the communications will be limited to emails and Text messages.

Can I include furniture and/or other elements I already own in my design?

Yes, we’re more than happy to include anything in the designs. Once you purchase a package, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your room and you’ll be able to inform your designer if there is anything you want to include in the final design of your room.

We currently offer two ways to include pieces you already own in your design. At no cost to you, our design team can find stand-ins for up to 3 of your piece(s) from our 3D catalog (think a look-alike piece that’s a close match in color/size/shape). Alternatively, for a small fee of $25/item our team will build a custom 3D model of your exact piece so you can see how it will look and fit in your room alongside the new furniture and other decorations.

Can I design multiple rooms at once?

Yes! However, you need to complete the purchase process once for each room.

With the purchase of 3 rooms, the 4th room will be designed for you free of charge.

Can I use your services for my commercial needs (Offices, Stores, Restaurants, etc.)?

We’re thrilled you’re interested in using our services for commercial use. Remodelbot services are also available for a vast variety of applications. For commercial spaces though, we need more information prior to pricing our design services for your project. Please contact our sales department to get the process started.